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nid123  - Burrp User


June 23,2016

Love the mughlai here

Have been here multiple times for group gatherings... love almost every dish on the menu.. especially the huge papad and nalli nihari
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Vijay Wasson - Burrp User

Vijay Wasson

February 09,2016


I must say,the food was too delicious and freshly prepared.I would like to say 'A BIG THANKS' to my dear friend Mrunal Kore, as he suggested me to visit and try out the dishes,otherwise I would have missed the exceptional and outstanding ambience with great food.I would say that,one one should actually go and live that experience.

Again best of luck bro (Mrunal) and keep up the hard work.
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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


July 08,2015

Awesome Biryani

You will get really good Biryani here. From Mutton to Chicken, it is really awesome. The meat is so tender, it just melts in your mouth. There is vegetarian Biryani as well, it tastes really good.

Zaffran is open till late, so if you are craving for a nice Biryani late in the night, head to Zaffran.
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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 29,2015

Best Mughlai food

A good place if you want to have Mughlai food.The place was not too crowded. Subtle lighting, warm music makes it a relaxing affair. Paneer tikka masala and chicken biryani was yum .The chicken was deliciously cooked and was so tender.The food came in real quick and was super delicious. The staff was super hospitable, nice and courteous. Its worth for the price as the quantity is also good.
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 27,2015

Palatial Experience

Zaffran gives you a palatial experience of ambience, food and dining. The restuarant has a very royal look to it. Awesome Mughlai food, lovely starters The chenna payesh is relishing with a coconuty flavour. The canopies were something different and was a good change. But the real show stealer was the roomali papad. It's a huge masala papad made of dough. The service maybe a little slow but the food is worth the wait.
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Nimu S - Burrp User

Nimu S

March 29,2015

Spice of India

Spicy biryani n tikka draw crowds to this oddly nightclub / spaceship looking joint near CST. This is a spot for the late night foodie whose taste buds may be a bit more discerning than those of the people eating on the street in front of Bade Miya. The chow is unbelievably tasty if completely traditional and it comes fast and cheap. Their chicken biryani, chicken tikka or the famous creamy butter chicken are to die for...
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Walter white - Burrp User

Walter white

March 27,2015

Food in the night !

One place where you can get some awesome food even at 3 in the night. We generally travel to this place after we have late night outs. They have some mouth wattering dishes. Their chieckn kali mirch is to die for, esp who like it little spicy. Their desserts is awesome too, do try their chenna payesh. YOu will love it. Ambience is perfect for late night and staff is courteous too.
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 25,2015

Food is great

but service is not so great! I don't know why,but I have been here twice and never been able to get my order in less than 30 minutes and that always makes me sad. Food is so amazing though and portions are so big that you can share 1 biryani among 2 starving people easily! Everything on the menu is amazing,my hubby loves the gelauti kebab so that is special recommendation. I wish they improve the service though.
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Shashidhar899 - Burrp User


July 21,2014

Best Biryani in Town

There are soo many biriyani places in Mumbai, but no place comes even close to Zaffran. The biriyani here is so well made, not too oily, not bland, not too spicy either. qute well done packed with flavor. Just the right biriyani.
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palaksonalniren - Burrp User


May 08,2014

zaffrani ishstyle

Outstanding dishes, excellent service and really great value and quality. It was so of the best Indian food I have eaten - authentic Indian food, spiced to perfection.Biryani and Rumali Roti papad were excellent.Choice of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcholic was good. Service from staff is excellent !The dishes are generally very hot and spicy so you might like to mention about the level u want while ordering.
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  • Share on: - Burrp User

May 02,2014

USP-: Till 3 in night its open...with tasty food.

After been to Zaffran in Rcity, i really had no mood going again to this Zaffran which is in Crawford market..coz i had been a victim of their slow service and not so great food there in rcity..... but then thought to give it a try to this Zaffran coz i did read somewhere thats its open even after 12 ... SO to try my luck ..last week we decided to go there...Reached Zaffran at odd hour of about 2:30 in night... and to my surprise...the hotel was not only open but also they quicky served us with our order with such an attentiveness at that time in night.... Hats Off Guys.... Awesome Aalo paratha and Phirni.... :) no need to add its a delight for non vegetarians..... for which Zaffran is famous. :) It was very thrilling and nice experience.
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November 29,2013

Zaffran is a gem

Zaffran is a gem when it comes to rich Mughlai food. Although they have Chinese and other options too ( which I haven never tried so far), I can bet that Mughlai takes the cake! Zaffran is a major hangout for meat eaters but I did see plenty of pure vegetarian eaters around which is proof that vegetarians have enough to stuff themselves with as there are plenty of options to chose from. There are plenty of dishes which can be termed as a diner's delight!! - Paneer makhni, Butter chicken, Yakhni Pulao and the list goes on...They have options of full and half quantities as well which is good as one would like to try plenty of options when dining there. Service is good and prices are moderately high. The USP of this restaurant is the fact that it stays open (and crowded!) till the wee morning hours making it perfect destination for those hungry night owls. Its been sometime since I've visited Zaffran and I look forward to going back soon.
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 07,2013

Both the outlets serve excellent food

I have always remembered Zaffran as the place we would haunt after late night partying to enjoy the hookah till the wee hours of the morning until 'we' considered it was now a safe time to head back home.

The food at Zaffran has always been set at high standards with its Mughlai spread and stunning interiors. The kebab starters, the main course, the breads and the dessert - Zaffran is completely value for money!
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puneetjethani10 - Burrp User


August 01,2013

Best Punjabi food in town !

This is the best place for punjabi food i feel..the black dal and the paneer tikka masala are yummmmm..goes with the combination of roomali roti ( contains eggs ) and biryani to make it a perfect punjabi meal !! couldnt ask for more..and the best part is that they deliver till upto 4 am ! So if ur partying wid friends at ur place on a saturday nite and want to call for punjabi instead of the regular Dominoes then definitely Zaffran !
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Naved Patel - Burrp User

Naved Patel

September 21,2012

excellent place to go with family..

I have been here very often with my wife as she is very very fond of crispy chicken over here....and really I agree they really make very mouth watering crispy chicken ,, please do give a try...Also try Prawns schezwan its really awesome.. In desserts try Channa payesh ..its something different you might never had ...Last but not least ...The aniseed that they serve after dinner is some kolkata specialty know as sukha pan its really awesome...I have even purchased that once ..hahahaha anyways enjoy with your family a great place to be....
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Reply from restaurant management

Its a pleasure Misba but last time I visited zaffran i found things have changed I mean I was with my friends so didnt noticed much but ya I suppose the logo and mineral water and even price have increased ....quite pocket burning ha :)
anyways you guys rock keep up th good taste cheers ...salam

Chd2Mum - Burrp User


August 24,2012

Great ambiance and great food

I heard about this place from a friend. So, I went there with a group of friends and sat in the lounge area, which had great ambiance. It used to be a hookah lounge,but isn't anymore I guess. The music was awesome(House and Pop). We ordered soups and starters-Both veg and Non-Veg(I feel food out here is a bit sweet). Then we ordered Murg Mussalam, Zaffrani Kofta, roomali rotis, butter nans for main course. We also ordered the much heard about Chicken Tikka Biryani. The staff is cordial and all things are in place, except that sometimes the service becomes a bit slow.Overall, I enjoyed the experience here. Would probably visit again soon.
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Zervin Baam - Burrp User

Zervin Baam

October 21,2008


oh man...the food is jus too good......i had a bit of apprehension coz the previous reviewer had written that its a hookah place.....but the crowd there is very "family sorts" so no probs on that count....the service is is amazing.....chicken soup was good (dont remember the name).....for starters we had chello kebab (buttered rice with chicken)...was a lil sweet but tasty...then lamb galouti kebab....very soft and yummy......then came murg patiyala...which was the killer....absolute heaven...and finally mutton biryani to round off an excellent meal........

the only downside being was that the place is a lil bit noisy when its full.......but that just shows how much the patrons are enjoying the food......had dessert at the nearby BADSHAH's to finish an enjoyable gastronomic evening....
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Murtaza Officewala - Burrp User

Murtaza Officewala

July 24,2008

Fantastic Food

It is ostentatious, if you actually GO to the restaurant, but i was luckier. i got to eat the food without the atmosphere.Hookah places, i dont like, because pseudo hippies seem to always show up at them and they are a crowd that is not to my liking.and since i am "physically challanged" i opted out of climbing the rather awkwardly steep ladder to the actual restaurant which is on the first floor. The Maitre d' was accomodating enough to allow us to sit at their sister concern, Howrah, which is on the ground floor, and let us order food from the main restaurant. For starters, we had Malai Paneer Seekhs and Honey Chilly Chicken Dry The Main Course was of American Chopsuey and Singapore Fried Rice with Manchurian Chicken Chilly ok so you are saying what the f* he is going to a Moghlai restaurant to eat frikkin chinese! well here the thing
i hate moghlai food. But having said that, this was the best damn Indian Chinese i have ever ever had The American Chopsuey was just perfect. The Wings were delicious, although not really honey, but the Jaiphal Star Anise substitute that Indo-Chinese usually uses, but it was really well made. and very tasty all in all, an excellent meal, my wife and i were highly impressed. and the damage was only Rs. 875 for the entire meal accompanied with four Cokes.
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Adhish B - Burrp User

Adhish B

November 26,2007

Best Mughlai in Mumbai

Name/Location: Zaffran, Crawford Market

Average Cost: 200-300 a dish

Food: Zaffran is apparently centred around the use of Zaffran or Saffron though Im not too sure how much of it they actually use in their food keeping in mind how expensive it is. I usually order their chicken butter chicken, Murgh Zaffrani Tikkas, and some garlic naan and have to say that its some of the best mughlai Iv had. Their butter chicken has a lot of flavour and taste and the chicken tastes good too. The Tikkas are made of large chunks of chicken with the pieces seasoned to perfection and like the butter chicken are full of flavour and taste making dinner here an amazing experience. Their naans are good too and are really nice and soft. I heard a lot about their Raan and decided to order it but was left disappointed with it. I guess next time Ill just stick to the usual. Their deserts too were highly recommended including something called Khubani ka Meetha though it really wasn’t upto the same standards as the chicken. Overall Id say Zaffran is my favourite Mughlai restaurant in Mumbai beating restaurants like Khyber and Delhi Darbar that are usually considered to be the best.

Service: The service here is acceptable and the staff isn’t rude or anything though things can sometimes take a little longer than expected and when it gets busy it might get a little difficult for you to get the waiter’s attention. Overall though Id say the service is satisfactory at this price point.

Ambience: Zaffran is located near Crawford market and its often difficult to get a nice open space here. Zaffran is located on 2 levels and the lower level is usually closed so you might just think its closed. The seating upstairs doesn’t have any windows and that could feel a little claustrophobic for some though it isn’t all that bad to be honest. Zaffran is open till late so that’s an added bonus though the surrounding area gets a little shady as it gets late so It would be best to be a little careful. The restaurant isn’t that bad inside and is pretty decent with clean walls and doesn’t let you have too much to complain about though you really have to be flexible to use their bathroom that’s located under an flight of steps.

Conclusion: Id defiantly recommend Zaffran to anyone who loves Mughlai food. Its good food that’s relatively cheap with comfortable ambience and decent service. The best thing though is that its open till 4 in the morning and so its always good for a nice meal before hitting the sack.
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Kartik V Kothari - Burrp User

Kartik V Kothari

July 19,2007

The best Moghlai & Punjabi food

I eat at this place at least twice every week. They have the best punjabi dishes for vegeterians and also for the meat lovers.

I would recommend the Paneer tikha masala (it's not there in the menu, ask the waiter), Veg Jalfrazi, Paneer Kadai etc. The paneer is tender and just melts in your mouth. Try Kaftan which is different type of roti made by mixing 4 to 5 different flours.

The service is a bit slow, but good things take time. The portions are huge and one dish could very well be enough for 3 people.

Go to this place for great food and value for money in a decent ambience.
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