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Jitendra Wani - Burrp User

Jitendra Wani

January 02,2016

amazing experience

been to barbeque nation for first time and it was an amazing experience. the starter, and sweets were marvellous. main course is OK. but go to barbeque for starters. overall a very good food. ambiance and service is also nice.
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

June 21,2013

Good If You Love Non Veg Food

The ambiance of this place is good...Just like any other regular good restaurant...A lot of space is available inside the restaurant and on a weekend there is a long wait to get the table, so I would advise you to book a table before going to BBQ. The place and the people are very welcoming and they know how to deal with the crowd and so many people coming and waiting for the tables unlike Sohos and Toscana. They have a buffet system here and almost every one in Pune has heard of Barbeque nation. Their service is in line with the reputation they have. The place is very easy to locate if you know the KP area a little bit. Don't try finding the place through Google Maps, as it becomes a little difficult. They have unlimited food veg in around 800 and non veg around 900.
I took the veg buffet. They serve hot starterson your table. The soya and the paneer starters are mouth watering but I am afraid they do not have a large variety of starters in Veg. Even though the starters are limited in choice, the ones which are there are very tasty indeed. The non veg starters are huge and very very tasty. You get so filled by starters that you do not have space to eat the main course. The main course has a huge variety of choices available that you won't be able to try even if you were hungry for 10 days...:p The main course is tasty and good and served well. The starters are served on the table while you have to go to and get the main course. A huge variety of desserts are available and they are very beautifully decorated near the main course table. You wouldn't even feel like eating the main course when you see the desserts. I loved all the desserts I ate here. The service is amazing and the people are very friendly. During the time we visited, they had some kind of festival going on, so we got big adivasi caps and got our faces painted, which was a fun experience. The waiters also stopped and danced on a song...All of them together which was very beautiful. Overall loved the place, but I would like to see more variety in Veg starters...Rest is all good...:)
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manali777 - Burrp User


May 28,2013

Five Star BBQ Nation

Wonderful and one of the best restaurant's in india , food + ambiance + Service + cost spend as per quality all is satisfactory..tomato soup was delicious. We had asked kebab in starters and it was delicious .For main course we had asked chiken dum biryani and it was mouth watering. Next one of my friend asked for anguri gulab jamun and I simply loved it. I Almost had been to all the outlets of bbq and everywhere the quality is the same. Keep it up and thanks for giving us happiness.
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priyanka chougale - Burrp User

priyanka chougale

February 06,2013

tasty food

a very nice barbeque restro specially for non-vegeterians. people who have only veg may feel it not so great coz there are very less options. but its worth going once to feel the barbeque experience. we recently had a team outing where in we 10 members from team had been to barbeque and after that to phoenix mall for bowling.
one bad experience we had was soon after our lunch we were filling ourself with deserts and ice-cream till then we heard a sound of a girl vomiting in the restro entrance we all felt very dirty as we were just filling with the best part desert. :(
but the staff was so co-operative that within no time they cleaned it up and manager asked personally sorry for each and every table though it was not his fault. this was much relief for us with there good hostism. but we had gr8 fun.
for vegeterians i would suggest pineapple barbeque to be the best and must try
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EkBilangChota - Burrp User


January 30,2013

Truly you can

If you want to eat at a place where you like to have a variety of choice in veg / non-veg starters, a top-class sumptuous buffet and desserts to kill for; you need to visit Barbeque Nation.

If you make a reservation, you will be advised to reach (and should reach) before 8 PM to get a table in the first lot. Otherwise, you will have to wait till first lot of table gets cleared.

Once you reach, you will be greeted with polite and professional staff, who will assist you to get a table of choice (if available) and then make you aware of the concept. You will be served starters in form of kebabs, cutlets, roasted varieties of veg and no-veg food. In addition to serving hot food, they will put a live griller on your table to let you grill and season the food as per your taste.

After you are done with starters, you can turn the flag on the table at right angle and they will stop serving you.

After starters, you can choose from the buffet served at the counters and you will get choice of veg/non-veg food (sea food included).

Make sure that you are not full after this whole meal, as you will be spoled with a choice of cakes and desserts available at the counter. A must-have is their in-house specialty "firni" (Something similar to Rice Pudding).

Manager will come and enquire about your food, if you need any assistance and if you are celebrating any special occasion. We were celebrating my son's 6th birthday and to our surprise, they brought a cake and sang birthday song for him. It was heart warming to see this type of hospitality.

If you leave your number at feedback, their head office will call you about the feedback at restaurant, which kind of gives you impression that they care. It happened with me each time, I have visited this place. :)

Enjoy your meal.
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Delwin Davis - Burrp User

Delwin Davis

January 16,2013

Perfect dining

Barbeque Nation has been a frequent eating spot for us, once in a month is a must here. Best of the prawns & fish available, apart from the regular chicken.Heaven for the non veggies. Start your dine with a drink (usually complementary at lunch hours), and then get your meal slowly and steadily. Make sure you get enough of the starters, for getting into regular food is a task once starters are set off. Deserts are yum with a variety of them available there. A must go for every foodie!
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nigams_25 - Burrp User


December 09,2012

Great place for food lovers

visited this place more than 10 times. Awesome place, excellent food, service everything...worth for price.. :)
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patilmanojk - Burrp User


November 23,2012

Average food

Have been to Barbeque nation 3 times. All three times with office crowd. About Food: Being Buffet place, somehow I always feel the quality of food is average. Does not offer are distinct taste.The concept of grill at the table is nice. but it does not go beyond that.The Chicken is okay. Prawns are tiny and not very fresh. Fish is passable.Other buffet choices are very mediocre.Ambiance: Good...mostly crowded by office public.Service: Good.
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suyog.sawant - Burrp User


May 17,2012

Barbeque Nation = BEST

perfect management, excellent food, on-time n special attention to every customer n most important friendly n enjoyable environment...... Great experience

Paisa Wasool......................... !!!!!!!!
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