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mafoodie - Burrp User


December 08,2015

BCC - Chat over Bun omlettes and Chai!

Nice place to hangout...good crowd. My favorites here are Bun omlette, Bun Maska, Lemon tea and the Biryanis! The service being quick is a good plus!
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Anand Shetye - Burrp User

Anand Shetye

May 18,2014

One of the Best Places to Hangout on FC Road

Good luck cafe has always been a prominent place on FC road for ages. It is one of the oldest cafes in Pune and it is still the most famous. They have maintained their old rusty look on the inside. The seating area is vast and spacious. You can come along with a large group of friends and you will find place to sit and chill out. One of my cousin introduced me to this cafe and since then it has made a special place in my foodie heart. :-) Usually after work I and friends prefer to chill out at this place. Well in evenings you'll have to wait outside for some time to get a place as it is always crowded. But the manager makes sure you get the place you want.
Now about the food section, they have food for breakfast/snacks and lunch/dinner. For breakfast I would recommend you try the ban maska pav and tea. With that I am sure your day will start with a smile on your face and filled up stomach. Their ban maska masala omelet is worth a try. The omelet is well prepared and is juicy too. The anda bhurji and bread is a delight too. For snacks you may try out their rolls section which they have newly started. The chicken roll is tasty and mild spicy. The issue with roll is in evening there is no guarantee that you will get it because many a times it gets over. For lunch I would recommend you go for butter chicken with roomali roti. The gravy is really well made. Nearly perfect taste and with right thickness to the gravy. Even the chicken pieces are soft. But the pieces are less. The roomali roti is good. The chicken masala is a delight too. The Goodluck chicken biryani is one worth trying out. Though there are few pieces of chicken, but the pieces have good amount of flesh and are well marinated. Other dishes to try out are tava chicken fry. If you have space for desert, you should go for caramel pudding. It is by far the best I have ever had.
Overall its a great place to come here with bunch of friends at any time. Have delicious food and have endless conversations. If you are visiting Pune for the first time, make sure this place is there in your itinerary. :-)
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

April 18,2014

Legendary Place

One of the iconic and legendary restaurants, an Irani hotel, in Pune located on F C Road is a landmark in its own right. It has seen generations on Punekars’ sit on its chairs sipping tea and having bun maska.

It has retained its old world charm of wooden chairs, tables, cupboards even mirrors. The chairs are nowhere to be seen these days, probably only to be found in Irani joints in Mumbai. Although they do not have any cushioning, its feels different to be sitting in them.

I had my first breakfast in Pune in April 2005 at this place when I landed in Pune for the first time on my job posting. After that experience, I kept going back alone and in groups for breakfast, lunch, snacks, tea, dinner, desserts etc.

This place is legendary for its non-vegetarian food but vegetarian fare is also good. For breakfast, try bun maska + tea, omelette, bhurji. For lunch/dinner, I found Veg Diwani Handi, Veg Bhuna to be amazing. But when had with Roomali roti, it tastes even better. I have even had roomali roti’s dry without any accompaniments. The dal fry is also good and tastes best with the crisp fried brown onions in it.

For desserts, please try the caramel pudding and bread pudding. Both are just mouth-watering and I bet you will not find this taste anywhere else.

All this leads to a gastronomical experience of its own kind. You have to come here many times to taste their fare, let the taste linger in your mouth and you will feel the same as I am.
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bhakti000  - Burrp User


March 07,2014

Good Luck With This

Cafe Good Luck has been watching the changing city but has stood still and same for over years. You enter the Irani joint and you get all nostalgic with the old world charm, college days gone by, and bun masks and cups of tea shared with friends. I went there after ages to remember the good old days with friends. We ordered for cheese omelette, bun maskas and tea. We got our order after a considerable amount of time . There was nothing new in the cracked stained tea cups and plates, neither the low level of cleanliness. But I was disappointed with the bun maska and omelette. Completely . To begin with very little butter on the bun, and the omelette was not at all good. If I want to have bun maska and chai I am visiting Vohuman cafe.. Never ever am I going back, not even for memories .
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doublehelix - Burrp User


January 22,2014

Old Memories. Good Kheema

This was stop 2 with my Dad for the quick food trip out a few weeks ago.
My Dad wanted tea and I wanted the kheema pao. Love the corner-of-the-street Irani open, airy ambience of the place. Helped that there was some eye candy around, and some respectable Puneri patya that make for fun reading.

I asked the waiter to replace the bread slices with pav, and so he did. Unfortunately, the pav was the kind with tutty-frutty in it, which is bit of a downer to mix the nice spice of the kheema with the sudden sweetness in the pav.

Even for a Mumbai guy who has eaten a fair bit of kheema across the Irani joints, I do quite love the kheema at Goodluck. I'd love it even more if they add green peas and potatoes to it.

I'll be back for more.
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prerna21patil - Burrp User


January 17,2014

Still Amazes Me

I have been quite a regular at Goodluck, be it the chai and bun maska or the amazing chicken and mutton preparations.
Yesterday I had my favourite mutton kheema and I must say In the last 5 years that I have frequented this place, it still serves one of the best mutton kheemas offering tender and juicy meat. Have their desserts too, they are amazing as well.
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Nishad Lad - Burrp User

Nishad Lad

October 21,2013

Goodluck all The Way!

Located near Garware bridge, this is an eating joint for teenagers!! Always filled to the core, there are long queues right from morning 7 am! Brun maska, bun jam, bun omelette, fruit pudding, samosas being the top items here along with hot tea or Irani tea! Sandwiches, wraps are also available!
Its not too expensive as well. This place also serves proper non veg items and hence is always loaded with people ,be it lunchtime or dinner. Its a must try. Coming here once will make you come here every single time on your trip to Pune!! Amazing restaurant I must say!
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tonymelwani - Burrp User


February 21,2013


Probably this is the one of the last few Irani Cafes that are actually going to survive.The food is as good as ever and the friendly ambience is something that is typical of a Pune aura like magic.As you sip on your chai with the staple broon maska ,watch time fly and enjoy the conversation.A mix of youngsters and oldies this is truly a place where ages come together
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Radhika Sathe - Burrp User

Radhika Sathe

January 23,2013

Must try out

So, are you a fan of those old Irani cafes where you get bun-maska with chai, tasty double egg omelletes on toast or kheema-paav? This is a must visit if you are! You get one of the yummiest kheema fry, as also many other dishes that you should definitely try out. The chocolate souffle you get here is one of my personal favourites and you have to have it when you visit Cafe Goodluck which enjoys its location at one of Pune's prime spots.
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Santosh Dhongade - Burrp User

Santosh Dhongade

November 23,2012

Everything is just perfect

I really not exaggerating, but when good food is served at the right price you really enjoy it and feel happy. This is classic place admired for its all day breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.
I am regular visitor of this place along with my family and friends and each visit makes us realize the importance of this place. Try any of their dish(just make sure to specify your spice level) and its really good
Chicken Hyderabadi
Chicken Bhuna
Chicken Malwani
Buttern chicken
Kheema fry
Chicken handi
Tawa chicken masala,
each dish with its unique taste and lip smacking gravy will make you have repeated visits. Its veg dishes are equally good, so no probs for veg people
Just visit and treat your family with this wonderful exp, don't expect 5 star service but service here is quick and just right.
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tonymelwani - Burrp User


November 23,2012


Cafe Goodluck is about good old Irani Chai with Great Maska Bun.Simple in decor you have the luxury of time.The crowd is executives,pensioners and youngsters all together in one place.Watch the FC road go bye as you Sip on Chai.Kheema is delicicious.
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Philipmathew85 - Burrp User


November 21,2012

Hang out with friends

Goodluck is my favrit place when it comes to breakfast, as it opens early and has most of the menu ready by 8, 8:30am
I usually have bun muska with double egg omilit
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Nishad Lad - Burrp User

Nishad Lad

November 19,2012

This place doesnt need ne luck!!

living in mumbai.its been 15 years since i have been coming to pune.. but not until d past 2 years til i discovered this gem.. Always jam packed wid eaters.. mostly colg students.. bun/brun maska over here r to die for aling wid d tea..the bun omlette/masala omlette is epic..d hot samosas shudnt be counted whn u strt eating.. havent tried d meal yet. but for a heavy brunch..highly recomended.. jus next to garware bridge..do visit..
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Gauraw Patil - Burrp User

Gauraw Patil

August 28,2012

Place for every taste

One of those places, where any person can find something which fits to his taste. A non-vegan person can find shangrila for his taste buds and the variety provided is certainly helping their case to reach 5-stars. Surprisingly, against the usual trend, a place like this can serve good desserts as well. One should certainly try fruit funny here.
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Nayana Parakh - Burrp User

Nayana Parakh

August 18,2012

One of favourite Katta College goers

All variety of food at very affordable rate for students..Taste of food is also very good..
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jamshid9 - Burrp User


August 05,2012

the very good memories of cafe goodluck

How can one forget the pleasure of having biryanis at lovely cafe good luck? During my studies in Poona since mid 70s till early 80s the café and its proprietor were of the great help both morally and economically almost for all students. God bless them and may their sole rest in peace.
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jamshid9 - Burrp User


August 05,2012

the very good memories of cafe goodluck

How can one forget the pleasure of having biryanis at lovely cafe good luck? During my studies in Poona since mid 70s till early 80s the café and its proprietor were of the great help both morally and economically almost for all students. God bless them and may their sole rest in peace.
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

July 23,2012

shaandaar !!:p

good place...good food and amazing dessert!!:) except the ambience everythin s just 5 star here!!:D
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Jayant Mehta - Burrp User

Jayant Mehta

July 04,2012

Good Luck !

Good luck cafe is a way of life.. so reviewing the quality etc etc would be unfair...its is one of those vintage irani cafe s in the pune city which makes me and my friends feel nostalgic....during my college days we use to travel to pune from nasik to dine at goodluck cafe and from last 10 years i enjoy it every weekend, meet my friends for Katta Talk with Hot cup of tea and bun maska....
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rahuldeo - Burrp User


February 26,2012

Legacy visited

It had been a year, had been living the mundane Sunday morning with a mundane breakfast menu !!!
Finally on the 26th of Feb, 2012, I broke the schedule kicked myself and made the move to go to one of the oldest Irani restaurants in Pune, something as old as 1935, where I had my breakfast !!! " Goodluck Cafe" ... felt alive on a Sunday morning... "Bun Butter and Omlete " ... it was sumptuous ... had to share another delicacy ... "Baked beans on toast ".. with a friend..have just become a fan... proud to witness Pune's Legacy ....
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Sandesh Bhat - Burrp User

Sandesh Bhat

August 02,2011

'Reminds Me My Mumbai days'

A typical Irani Joint.A place whr i smell no patya..jst wht smell is bread n bread products.Cheeeeerzzzzzz
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Vikram Karve - Burrp User

Vikram Karve

January 10,2011


On Sunday afternoon we had a hearty meal at Cafe Good Luck comprising such lip-smacking dishes like Tawa Gosh Green Masala, Jungli Chicken, Tawa Kheema, Roomali Roti, Mutton Biryani, Caramel Custard, Fruit Funny, et al - a truly delicious and satiating meal.

To celebrate, here is a mouthwatering memory of a foodie adventure I relished a few years ago at Cafe Good Luck in Pune

If you are famished, do not have too much dough in your pocket, and happen to be somewhere near Deccan Gymkhana in Pune, where would you go to satiate your ravenous pangs of hunger?

Good Luck - No two ways about it!

You will head for Cafe Good Luck.

That's what I did one chilly winter afternoon.

And since I was feeling a bit adventurous I did not order my staple Chicken Biryani, or mutton cutlet curry, or even the Tawa Kheema, but decided to try out the exotic sounding Tawa Gosh Green Masala [the Gosh is not the Oh Gosh! type of Gosh but refers to meat or mutton and maybe better spelt Ghosht or Gosht but certainly not Ghost]. Maybe Gosh is okay – for you will say Oh Gosh How Delicious! the moment you take the first bite of the lip smacking gravy.

But then the metier of Cafe Good Luck is food, not spelling – Good Luck is not one of those “literary” coffee houses where you can while away time chatting or doing nothing – Good Luck is a place for serious passionate eating.

I like to see my food being made in front of me it enhances the totality of my gastronomic experience.

That is why I like Dhabas, and street food joints like Bade Miya [Bade Mian], Pav Bhaji, Bhel and Indian Fast Food Stalls, and when invited for a meal by some kind-hearted foodie I try to reach early and peek into the host's kitchen.

Some high-falutin restaurants too, like the Frontier Food specialty restaurant on the ground floor of Maurya in Delhi we used to visit long back, have huge transparent glass partitions where eager patrons can visually relish and savor their food being cooked in the kitchens before it is served to them on the table.

In Cafe Good Luck the Tawa is tucked away deep within the family area inside and I watch in anticipation as the generous mutton pieces, precooked [marinated and boiled], are blended into the freshly sauted green gravy right in front of me on the huge flat Tawa.

I go to my table.
There is an empty plate and a quarter-plate of sliced onions and lemon wedges.
I season the onions with salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

I am going to squeeze some lemon into the gravy too, and later into a glass of water which I will drink on the conclusion of meal to lighten the rich spicy aftertaste.
The sizzling Tawa Gosh Green Masala arrives with two piping hot chapattis.

I dip an exploratory finger and lick the gravy is yummy and my mouth waters in anticipation.

I fill my plate, squeeze a bit of lemon, and "bash on regardless".

The mutton pieces are large, well-cooked and succulent and there is even a marrow bone piece.

The gravy is lip-smackingly delicious.

From time to time I encounter whole pieces of sabud masala and spices like green cardamom, peppercorn, cloves, garlic, green chilies and strips of crunchy ginger, which add a kick and zest to the taste.

It is an excellent, fulfilling, wholesome meal which leaves me fully satisfied and satiated.

I am glad I was a bit adventurous and deviated from my staple biryani, kheema pav, mutton cutlet curry fare, and enjoyed the tawa gosh green masala.

I am sure going to try out some new dishes, maybe the exotic sounding Jungli Mutton or Chicken, or maybe the Chicken Shahjahan, the next time I visit my good old favorite Cafe Good Luck.
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blatancy - Burrp User


November 06,2010

Price is unbeatable but Food is average at best

Last Night, we had a party and thought of ordering some food from here. I must say the price were dead cheap and a varied varieties of items on menu made us believe there is something good about them. So we placed order for Chicken Mughlai and Mutton masala and paneer mutter and other items. 3 of the dishes were cooked in the same gravy which smelled the same and tasted the same. This is not what we expected. Totally disappointed. But yes their chappathis were good. On the whole, below average experience.

Packaging and Hygiene, I would rate it 5/10
Service, 5/10
Food, 4/10

My opinion is that although price is cheap, it seems affects the quality of food negatively. Its your take finally. Cheap price or Cheap Food. I'd rather go for reasonably priced tasty food.
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maliswa - Burrp User


June 11,2010

Bad Service but good food (hygiene dont know)

I am big fan of Good Luck Cafe. But service there sucks. All waiters have lot of attitude. You order 1 Cold Coffee and the waiter says yes. Then u wait for 20 min for Cold coffee and still they dont get your order. You ask them and they say "Coffee bane mein time lagta hai". U wait for more 5 min and on been frustrated ask him if coffee is not ready pls cancel and he says ok, without even giving it second thought. I have never seen such pathetic service. This is increasing day by day. I saw BURP has given it a best IRANI resturant title & think that got them to think this can go on. Even if you complain to owner he says "KYA KARAGAY SIR". I dont know if BURP have considered the service quality or not before giving the rating. Instead of online voting pls go there and make sure for 4- 5 times if it really deserve to be given 5 stars (food is excellent no doubt but i am talking about service). Service really big time sucks!!!
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mangesh.gopale - Burrp User


February 18,2010

The Best Place to Eat Out

Its the best place to go when you are feeling hungry.
Right from snacks items to the Lunch, dinner items; everything is very delicious that even if you would like to eat at GoodLuck everyday, you will have so many choices to make from.
Cheese Omlet, Biryanis (Mutton,Chicken) are awesome!!
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real_cool_dude - Burrp User


January 31,2010

Really great snacks.

I have only tried most of the snack items, but everything is good.
For snacks try bun-omelette, egg bhurji, or bun-butter-jam.. They are like specialties..
A really recommendable place.
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Vishal Pipraiya - Burrp User

Vishal Pipraiya

January 03,2010

One of the best breakfast places in town

You know a restaurant is successful when it is used as a landmark by anyone and everyone throughout the city. Good Luck chowk on F.C.Road is just that. A prime busy crossing deriving it's name from the Irani establishment that lords over the corner.

Since 1935 is what their hoarding proudly proclaims and 75 years in the business is no mean feat. Even donkeys years feels short of an adjective to describe the legacy of this place. From octogenarians to the now college going crowd, everyone fondly remembers at some time having had a cup of Irani tea with brun maska in it's hallowed confines.

Cafe Good Luck is primarily a non vegetarian place with the mutton biryani, mutton cutlet curry and mutton kheema being the mainstays of its eclectic menu. However, many a vegetarians are found enjoying the thali during lunch hour and breakfast time is when I believe the place truly offers a unique experience with the most varied egg options. From omelette's, fried eggs to the most soft and fluffy scrambled eggs on toast, you'll get them here. French toast is served either sweet, salty or both to your taste while the baked beans allow the most fitting accompaniment to the spread. Keep an eye out for that waiter though, he's not going to make way to your table in a hurry nor he is going to greet you with a 32 teeth smile unless you are a regular and are known to tip generously.

Nostalgia pervades the surrounding with glass mirrors decorating the main hall. Antique decoration adds the quintessential touch. For that Good Luck has retained it's original character. It still is at face value a true blue irani joint. Cheap food with no frills service.

Food pilgrimage if there is such a thing ends with the shrine of it's premises where to find a solitary gentleman reading his morning paper with the customary cup of tea gives you a deep sense of satisfaction. At that moment you know, that every thing is alright with the world and there's nothing that a lazy hour spent in the gastronomic temple cannot fix.

There comes a time when you don't just visit a restaurant for the food it offers but as part of a ritual. An arcane rite of passage that isn't complete till you confess to having succumbed to it's marble top charms. For you haven't really experienced the culture and the soul of the city if you haven't tried to absorb it looking out of the window, seated on its chairs wondering about the person who might have sat on the same seat as yours 50 years ago staring out of the same window as the world nonchalantly went by.

So if you are in Pune with a little time to spare, visit this place and you'll find one piece of the puzzle that makes the city complete.

Food - 4/5
Value For Money - 4/5
Ambiance - 3.5/5
Service - 2.5/5
Hygiene - 2/5

Overall - 3.2 + 1 for old times sake = 4.2/5

For the original post with Pictures please visit:
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Aditya Sardesai - Burrp User

Aditya Sardesai

October 13,2009

The numerous good reviews speak for themselves

Serves the best for the least. The obvious choice for good food if you have no where else to go.
Of course I could be a little critical when I say that if you are getting good business and the people love you and the quality, the quantity could be a little better.
All in all I am biased towards this place like so many other food lovers/ A must visit place for all especially if you are new in town.
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Sasidhar N - Burrp User

Sasidhar N

August 23,2009

Best Iranian Food

Simply, this place rocks with good authentic Iranian Food. Bun Maska and Liver masala, rumali roti are the best. Give it a try and u wnt be disappointed. Ambiance and crowd is very vibrant. No place comparable in Pune.
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Siddharth Bhowmik - Burrp User

Siddharth Bhowmik

June 06,2009

Good food

Once of the best Iranian cafe's in town. Good and cheap food. The egg biryani is good (Rs. 50.00/-) Bun maska, omlette bum, etc all good. Service is good.
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foodelite - Burrp User


March 04,2009


Somethings are meant to be remembered always. Your first crush, the smell of damp earth, your parents good-night kiss. It brings with it a sense of comfort. The experience at Good luck is something very similar. You cannot just go to Good luck only for the food. It is an intrinsic part all right but there's more to it. There are times when that place is abuzz with activity, Yo! types hanging out chattinf loudly, couples trying to get some privacy in the mayhem, lost Firangs wondering what to eat, the quintessential jhola wallahs and film school wallahs who spend ages here over a bun maska! You can simple watch time pass by sitting at good luck.
Even the food brings in comfort at any time of the day. No one makes an omlette with cheese like the one in Good Luck. Their very own fruit funny is unique and such a treat! Good luck is an epicurean treat especially for the non vegetarians (Cannot single out a particular dish) and does'nt really make you feel all empty in the pocket.
Service is prompt, you blink and food at your table. The waiters evoke mixed reactions because they live in a world of their own, but if you are a regular at good luck you get used to their idiosyncracies.
I hope and pray Good luck does not fall intot he real estate lure like a lot of irani cafe's and stands tall and provide that much needed comfort people who visit it.
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Shridhar Deshpande - Burrp User

Shridhar Deshpande

December 24,2008

The iranian treat

This a typically Iranian cafe. I guess one of the very few in pune.
Being a mumbaikar i am really fond of Iranian cafes, and this place gave me the feel of just that.

Good luck cafe is said to be one of the oldest in town. Being close to FTI(Film and television inst) i have read Nasseruddin Shah n Om puri talk about coming down to Good Luck during their time in FTI

If you go to this place, which i really think you should --- u got to try eating typically iranian - bun muska n tea ; the combo is just awesome. They also have this bun muska with cheese.. they serve you this really soft bun with some tuti-frooti with a thick layer of butter n a thick slice of cheese. And it tastes best when its dipped in tea. Would describe it as the perfect breakfast or an evening snack.
This place in fact has a lot of things to try out
-bun butter (would prefer to call it bun muska ;) )
-bun muska cheese
-bun muska jam
-really good french toast
NOw that was just for snacks or breakfast.. now for the main course
If you are an eggitarian then you got to try out
-anda chutney
-Anda masaala
#the egg biryani is nt so good
More attractions are
-kheema paav (awweesome)
-butter chicken here is really good
-should really try eating mutton n chicken biryani

@place n ambience
The ambience does remind you about an iranian cafe, but they havent worked much on it.
At times you would not find it very clean

The waiters here are very polite n helpful but the guys on the counter are all arrogent asses. Its really irritating when you go there at dinner time and the place is full. Waiting to get a place is frustrating. Moreover the owners would behave like they dont need you to come.. its like they are not in need you are

I usually to here for breakfast. This place is full of people since morning.

Would say, the next time you are free in the morning and are craving a good meal go for this place..
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Sahil Bhagat - Burrp User

Sahil Bhagat

March 09,2008

Irani To The Core !!

i was on the lookout of a good irani cafe during my stay in pune when i came across goodluck cafe.....it had the same old feeling of a mumbaiyya irani cafe....
initially we tried the staple food of all irani cafes....bun-maska n chai !! and how lip-smacking delicious it was ! the bun as soft as it can be was layered with oodles of butter and smeared with pieces of tutty-fruity !
me being a vegetarian couldnt savour their famous dishes but according to my friends kheema pav and chicken biryani were as good as they could get.
finally i wanted to end this wonderful time with a dessert so went on to order a bread pudding......awesome.period.
their caramel custard too is good but was too full !!

p.s:the only disappointment was their service....though the waiters were very polite the service was too slow.
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puneboy - Burrp User


October 28,2007

A Pune Institution

This is more than just an Irani joint... Its been there on Deccan for dogs years, in the aptly called 'Good-Luck' chowk... The specialties you would expect from such a joint are all there.. great bun-maska and chai, maska-bun omelette(very filling), mutton kheema, bheja fry etc. They serve a melt-in-the-mouth caramel custard, a filling bread pudding and a nice layered dessert by the name of Fruit-funny.. And I havent even reached the non-veg main course yet, which is the specialty.. the mutton and the boneless chicken biryanis are awesome, the chicken varieties, from Jungli chicken to chicken fried in eggs are well made.. The mutton and clear mutton soups are really good.. And they also serve hot rumali rotis.. I could go on an on, but you really need to try it for yourself.. Its a no-frills environment which could do with a little more care towards the cleanliness.. But a regular haunt for people of all types and ages, this one comes with a guarantee of good food...
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Aditya Kuber - Burrp User

Aditya Kuber

October 14,2007

Irani goodness!

Kheema pav, mutton samosas, bun-maska and chicken with fried eggs. Open till late night, Good Luck is an old haunt for partygoers who need a bite to end the night!

It's probably not the cleanest place on earth, but for the prices they charge, you can't expect more. The quantity is adequate and it is almost never too costly.

For a late afternoon snack, try the bun-maska and tea. Quite a kickstart that can give!
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