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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 28,2015

Exotic Location

The location and ambience of Shisha Jazz Cafe is their treasure! Never seen such a beautiful restaurant in Pune before! Also, the huge sofas are a treat to lounge on. The best place to go to in Pune for hookah. They serve a decent hookah in which they offer numbet of replacement of coal. In terms of fodd they have wide variety of lip smacking platters. As for pockets, it's on the moderate zone.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 28,2015

Best platters ever

One of the better hangouts in Pune, it has an awe-inspiring ambience with delectable offerings and great great music. The hookkahs and the couches add a different dimension .Being from Mumbai, we crave space and nature and greenery. Having it all together is a big bonus. The food is decent, the variety of cuisine is a boon. We had the Mezze platter, Veggie platter and some other dishes which were pretty good.
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 27,2015

Heart stealing ambience

This place has got Heart stealing ambience. its an amazing place to be. where you can sit on couch and enjoy drinks and hukkah. Live music is a major plus point on select days. This is not the place you would like to rush through, but spend the evening from daylight to the fall of the night. order the huge draught mug. to pamper your taste buds with the absolutely delicious Mutton Biryani and Butter Chicken .
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nosebagger - Burrp User


January 28,2014

Yum Kababs!!!!

This place has an amazing ambience....Specially for dinners this place is perfect... They hav the yummiest kababs.... The chocolate moose n tiramisu is just amazing.
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Karan Vaswani - Burrp User

Karan Vaswani

September 27,2013

Come For The Music -- And The Rangineh. :)

Shisha's main selling points are live jazz and the decor. The Iranian dishes (zereshk polo, ash-e-reshteh and the like) are decent, as are the steaks and kebabs. But the food really isn't outstanding, and there are far better places in Koregaon Park to eat. Two dishes I would recommend highly, however: The Iranian tea with dates (it's Rs. 60; having already paid a cover charge, you can order a couple of these for your table and then enjoy the music in peace for a a couple of hours) and the rangineh with ice cream (Rs. 140), a unique dessert I haven't found anywhere else in Pune or Mumbai.
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PenMyThoughts - Burrp User


May 11,2013

Great Ambience...Not-So-Great Food

Shisha is a fun place to go to ... good live music on Thursdays, get to meet dozens of regulars (some even from college days) ... BUT, the food is not something we would go back there for.
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

April 30,2013

wanna have beer mixed in water...try shisha

We went here with friends on a nice Sunday evening...Even with a nice ambiance, this place failed to impress me...They mix water in the beer when you order a tower....Its better you order a direct sealed bottle....For veggie lovers, there are a little options...We had ordered biryani, which was just plain awful in taste...The beef starter my friends ordered was somewhat good, but I am totally disappointed from the place,...Would never ever go there again!!
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jjeenn - Burrp User


March 08,2013

Food Poisoning - Food only so-so

March 2013 - birthday dinner at Shisha - the plates were dirty (greasy) - after telling the waiter, they brought out the prior dirty plates just wiped with a napkin. The drinks (mojitos @ approx 450 INR each...expensive!) were so-so. The fish for the fish tikka was old - very fishy. The mezza salad plate - hummous, babaganoush, etc was watery and tasteless. While the atmosphere was nice - they start closing down at 15 minutes before closing time and then they rush you out. We spent 2000 INR for the two of us. I woke up the next day with stomach cramps and travellers sickness and spent the day nursing my digestive system.
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Kshiteesh Phansalker - Burrp User

Kshiteesh Phansalker

January 26,2013

First of it's kind

Sheesha Cafe is the main attraction within the ABC farms campus in Koregaon Park. Sheesha Cafe set the trend for other lounges to follow with it's bamboo furniture and plenty of greenery. The food is good especially the Zershk Polo Rice and Lasagne. A friday/saturday evening with friends and a mug of beer is strongly recommended!
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Neha Srivastava - Burrp User

Neha Srivastava

November 21,2012

Jazzy Night!!

Shisha Cafe is the best place for a Thursday night!
The best jaaz music by the best jazz players with the best steak i have ever had.
Good music and good food is all about Shisha Cafe.
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Cozybear - Burrp User


October 02,2012

Don't Visit on a Saturday Night!!

We met friends there, a total of 5 people. We struggled to get drinks at first. We then ordered 3 starters to share and they arrived ok. We then ordered main courses. One of the group had a salad, that arrived first. Second person's meal to arrive was lamb stew - it should have been called 'Lamb Bone Stew without any lamb meat'!! Third person's to arrive was fish and chips. Then we waited, and we waited..... 45 minutes later, fourth person's meal arrived - moussaka, which was horrible. It had a sickly mashed potato on top, mince underneath and that was all. The fifth person's indian dish arrived soon after - but these two people had to eat their meals on their own, as the other three had finished theirs!!!
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Kranti krishna - Burrp User

Kranti krishna

August 17,2012

Great place to have hookah - but bad management

Been to this place n number of times with my friends :) on weekends
especially on friday night - that gives me a kick start to my long weekend :)
1.)Ambience - perfect
2.)Seating - good and I personally prefer the couch (would be given if you are a couple )
3.) Food - love the chicken tikka here and the platter here are to die for
4.)Hookah - special one in the list - they have huge varieties of hookah being served(though me being a non smoker was addicted to the flaovour hookah they serve and is actually great )
5.)The two things that stop me from goin there is the manger of this place - who always has a grim look and is never soft spoken.Next comes the service and the timings they serve you the drinks is kinda odd.
On the whole is a great place to be with your close friends and have a starter and hookah served on ur couch.m/
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Rajat Khare - Burrp User

Rajat Khare

February 08,2012

full2 time pass

Waiting rahe gaa....

Cott ke liye tho adjustment karna hoga..

Crowd rahe gaa... par andhere me pata nahi chalegaa.

Food sahi hai... Masala Fish is good.

Apple flavour is good.

Not expensive.
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ranbir84 - Burrp User


December 21,2011

I wish there was a ZERO STAR available

I feel so funny writing this review as im not the kind of person who would go around blabbering s#it about bad restaurants... then then again ... i went to Shisha for the first time ....
Being an absolute food lover I have tried almost all the restaurants in bombay and when a mumbaiya is in apli Pune... wev gotta eat local ..!! Although i wish i had read the reviews on this place before going to there i wouldve basically stayed away from this place.

We were a group of people in the middle of the day planning to enjoy some drinks and some good food so we ordered a non-veg kebab platter... All seemed okay until the platter actually arrived on the table cus the Mutton Seekh kebab was stinking and making about 6 of us uncomfortable.... I, however, took a small nibble to check it and yes sirr ...!!! it was stale... so we decide to call the captain and I politely told him that boss there is a problem with the mutton seekh, however, everything else seems find so please replace the mutton seekh with the other chicken kebab on the same platter. Boy, did we know i was in for an experience of a lifetime ....

The waiter comes back and tells me that my chef says its perfectly fine and there is nothing that can be done. Then , he points me into the direction of the owner stating that u must talk to him, (which, I now feel after reading the reviews, he was doing for kicks). The owner whom i approached politely saying that there is a genuine problem and i felt that nobody bothered informing him .... What came next was a shocker as it had happened for the 1st time in my life dining out ... the owner tells me that there is nothing called smell in the food and even though it smells bad its perfect that this is the food we will serve you and now i don't want to serve you, so please clear your bill and leave....
A friend on mine also from the service industry literally came to blows with the guy seeing his arrogant nature as we had never seen anything like this. So we basically paid the bill and walked away.

Then i saw Burrp.com and realized that I must never visit a new place without checking its review on burrp ...!!
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Husein Upletawala - Burrp User

Husein Upletawala

December 05,2011

Iranian Delights!

Pune has always been known for it's Parsi / Irani bakeries serving up the freshest and most delectable cookies, cakes, bread etc.. The Iranis also own some of the best restaurants in the city and Shisha cafe is probably the best of the lot for it's great ambiance, authentic Persian food, drinks, hookas and lilting Jazz music while you're enjoying all of it.

Ambiance: Dimly lit and open. If you want to have a relaxed, quiet time, I recommend you opt for the seating below as it can get quite noisy on top what with the young crowd getting a bit loud after knocking down a few beers.

Drinks: Even though they have a reasonable selection of beers, spirits and cocktails and a very limited wine list, THE drink to have here is obviously Beer. By the pitcher or in huge mugs. Kingfisher draught is what you get in your pitcher served chilled. Perfect.

Food: We'd gone for Iranian food, so Iranian cuisine it was. We started off with the non-veg. kebab platter {Rs.375} and Mezze {Rs.200}. The kebab platter gets you 2 fish seekh kebabs, a few pcs of grilled chicken and beef. The chicken pcs were succulent but the fish seekh was a bit dry {tasted alright with the dips though}. The stand-out was the beef which was perfectly mild-spiced and grilled to perfection. The mezze had 3 dips: baba ghanoush, hummus and fattoush and 1 bread a few greens. Interesting to note here that they don't have pita bread, but instead a sesame seed encrusted tandoori roti which is really not half-bad.

Starters lapped up, we ordered for the Chello kebab koobideh which is butter rice served with beef seekh kebabs, grilled tomato and a tomato based spiced gravy. It's surely one of the best chello kebabs you can get. What wasn't that great were the desserts. The Baklava which ought to be the place's specialty was a huge let down. Nowhere close to the pistachio stuffed flaky, crispy delicacies. The Tiramisu, though edible, is not close to being a great end to a memorable meal. Pity.

Would like to add a couple of ponts here: 1} The quantity is pretty good so be careful while ordering and 2} The Persian dishes are very mildly spiced. May not be to everyone's taste. But they do have Indian and continental for you to try.

Service: Fast, efficient and the waiters know what they're talking. Also it really pays that the owners are very hands-on and ensure you're having a good time. Also it is a huge restaurant so even on crowded nights you may not have to wait for a long time.

I didn't try the hookas on my visit but everyone else who did seemed pretty happy with what they were served.

Shisha Cafe is a must-try what with great food, drinks, music and the smoke of the hookas making it all look perfectly dream-like. GO!!
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Praveen Gupta - Burrp User

Praveen Gupta

November 02,2011

Nothing more than nice Ambience!!!

A decent place to dine out with friends...and it boasts of its classy ambience only. Service is nice. Food is just average. I didn't like hookah at all. Strictly "ONE TIME"
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pnqguy - Burrp User


August 24,2011


Apart from the ambience everything at shisha sucks, the burpers reviews are 100% true, the management has been callous as the place is always full with youngsters and crowd who want to tuck in a comfortable surrounding. Hookas are pathetic and over priced, repeated pleas to change the coal go on deaf ears, Food by the time it arrives to your table is cold. Mangement not concerned about its frequent patrons and the waiters are high headed who feel they are doing a favor by listening and serving you. However Pune today has so many new people who come into the city and want to go and experience new places and thats why the place is full.
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Esha Rajee - Burrp User

Esha Rajee

August 22,2011

A worse ending to a bad day at work

Well i certainly was looking forward to trying some new hookah flavor,to calm my nerves after a hard day at work,only to be met with some of the least bothered waiters,ever.
I would've totally forgotten about the baaaad, edgy hookah,the super old and draggy reshmi (chicken) kebab and the slack service,had the management showed a little concern and interest in the customers.My repeated requests on changing the coal or even wanting to place a new order to appease my taste buds after the not-so-reshmi kebab,were met with cold and gnarly stares.Half expecting things to change during the main course,I was met with excessive salty spaghetti,the only option I got with a white based sauce,even after their being 4 options on the menu.
The chef was not to be disturbed it seemed,if someone wanted an extra something added to their dish.
All in all,Shisha cafe,a restaurant I once loved and revisited time and again,with friends in tow from all over the globe,does not need to be mentioned anymore,thanks to other well appointed,affordable yet cordial restaurants in Pune. My newest favorite being 'ADDA - The Hangout' in Wanowrie,Pune... recently visited by Salman Khan, for his movie Bodyguard. :-)
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kauti007 - Burrp User


July 29,2011

Sick Service

Totally avoidable.

Extremely rude staff.

Heavily Priced.

There is no negative rating possible so cant put negative stars
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pnqqueen - Burrp User


June 27,2011

My favorite Hookah Place!

The last few reviews have rated Shisha Cafe with 1 star - surprising since I adore the place!! Yes, their service may not be as prompt as many would expect, but I have never had any service issues with this place! Could it be because we're such regular goers? In any case, I can't imagine one week without going to the Shisha Cafe!!

What do I like about this place? The well made hookahs. They last longer and usually the flavor doesn't burn out like the hookahs they make at Mochas. The large couches. I think they emphasize the purpose of a shisha place - to relax and let go of yourself. The food. I LOVE their veg platter. One of the best tikkas! And their chai - I highly recommend their Iranian tea. And finally the prices. The hookahs cost about Rs. 300 + taxes for single flavor basic ones and the veg platter costs about Rs. 220 which can easily feed 3 people. The Iranian tea is a pot tea and if I remember correctly, costs about Rs. 50. For the price, it's definitely worth it!

They also have a decent bar and whip up some good drinks. A pint of beer costs about Rs. 120.

I recommend you go earlier in the day if you can since the place gets quite full in the evenings. The good news is they have also added a LOT of place downstairs and can accommodate more people!I love their new downstairs sitting in the garden.

In any case, if you honestly want to just relax with friends and don't mind a slightly slow service, go for it!
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atulhdr - Burrp User


June 23,2011

Awful service, No respect for customers

A group of 10 colleagues visited Shisha and had an awful experience yesterday evening. One guy threw up on the floor (I know it does not sound nice, but should have been handled better by the management). The guy politely apologized and asked the staff if it could be cleaned. The staff informed that Rs. 500 will be charged for it. The group said it is ok, requested it to be cleaned and apologized again. Then came the shocker - no more food and drinks for the group!!! Couple of people from the group (including a female) went to meet the owner to sort it out. Bad language, abuses and comments like - we don't need customers like you, write review wherever u want, we don't care etc. followed from the owner. Not at all expected from the management of a renowned place; it shows that they don't respect their customers at all. Avoid this place!!!
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Satish CN - Burrp User

Satish CN

March 28,2011

Need to improve..!!

They really need to improve their attitude, service and quality. But I feel it is not the fault of the service staff, it is the managers there who haven't bothered to train the staff nor monitor the situation. Else why would the service be so uniformly bad. A long wait for the drinks, stale fresh lime juice, not so great snacks, and apathy of the staff has ensured that I will be reluctant to consider this place on my 'must visit again' list. Hope this criticism is taken in a positive spirit and acted upon accordingly.
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Tusharr  Mehta - Burrp User

Tusharr Mehta

March 21,2011


A place to waste your money & time.

Had gone with group of frnz, in all we wer 6 ppl and we asked for the sofa seating to my surprise he said flat NO, i asked him d reason, he said we dont give it for 6 ppl, i cud see 2 ppl seating on the sofa out der. The disgrace started from here.

Had ordered for shisha and burgers to start off with, we had ordered a double apple shisha, it came in 5-10 mins, i was surprised to see shisha being served so quickly. When i tasted it, it was nower close to double apple it was some shitty crap they served. To the most disgusting part, they serve just one mouth piece with the shisha even though we wer 6 ppl, so we told him to get some more.

The burgers we still in making till now, it was almost 30 mins since we had placed the order. Almost after 45 mins of waiting the burgers came in cold and smelly condition. 45 Mins to make cold and smelly burger?????????????? Idiots!!!

Looking at the type of service and food they sever, we decided to get out of here ASAP. The interesting part of the bill was THE CHARGE THEY TAKE FOR MOUTHPIECE FOR SHISHA Rs. 5 per Mouthpiece. Heights of rudeness by the management. this was sumthn out of my imagination.

Inshort, Rude staff, Pathetic service, hopeless food.

Happy eating

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Saurabh Jain - Burrp User

Saurabh Jain

January 23,2011


My fav place in pune for Jazz........i am vegii and got only 6-7 choices .....but vegii platter was best.and dal maknhi biryani was added fun......look out for persian food.also try irani chai if visiting day time......and ofcourse you got shisha on top of it....
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Swapna Khade - Burrp User

Swapna Khade

January 12,2011

Nice Place But Poor service

Overall this place is nice..nice decoration..pictures, frames, plants & many more..but service is very poor...need to improve
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Shrikala Kashyap - Burrp User

Shrikala Kashyap

October 14,2010

Too dark to judge

This place is by far one of the darkest (and i don't yet mean shady) places I've been to in Pune. Clearly they don't believe in the concept of light. And of you think it might make the mood romantic, you are wrong because it is jam packed with people and at times you feel like you are dining with more people than you came with! Being a sheesha fanatic, i went in there looking for a menu card offering a wide variety of flavors, but they don't have a hookah menu. So much for calling itself Shisha cafe. Food is below average. Sheesha lasts for 45 minutes before you keep calling the waiter every 15 minutes for changing coal. Drinks are over priced. Stay away if you can.
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Ankur Borwankar - Burrp User

Ankur Borwankar

September 28,2010


I went with a friend to this place a couple of days ago. We were seated in the most lit area in the entire cafe, which also happened to be on a platform. Thus, we were visible to every other person there. Some bloke came to clean our table, and when asked about where to place the order, he rudely told us to wait. We asked someone to bring us a menu, which he did. After that, it was a 10 minute wait, where no waiter showed up to take our order. We finally left without eating anything, and I went up to one of the waiters and told him about our experience. He didn't seem to care in the least, and waved it off as if we were the least important people on earth. I certainly won't be going back.
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John SD  Xavier - Burrp User

John SD Xavier

August 23,2010

My first Persian Restaurant

I was @ Pune for a couple of days and I wanted to spend one of the evenings @ Shisha after reading all the reviews .I really enjoyed the farm house ambience and the host when I left said its better to come early and leave early to avoid rush :) . I tried the Iranian Chai ( and it was lovely .. it refreshed my taste buds really ) I tried the Iranian platter and it was good . completely different taste .
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Food Lover - Burrp User

Food Lover

June 29,2010

Good place, but average service

Goods: Ambiance, Food, Jazz

Bads: On Friday the last order was at 10:15PM, Hookah lasted for very short time.
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ank_fun - Burrp User


May 28,2010

Jazz up your evenings

Goods : 1. Ambience 2. Jazz on Thursday 3. Food 4. Hookah 5. Crowd and the white haired Devil behind the counter.

Negatives : 1. Service on weekends 2. Limited options for veggies

Recommendation : Juzeh Kebaba, Kheema, French Onion soup
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Suheil Patel - Burrp User

Suheil Patel

March 15,2010

Lasagna Delight!!!

Had heard about this place so much from my friends that I finally decided to visit it. My frist impression of the place was that it is a good place to visit when you coming in a group and especially for someone who wants to blow on hookaahs.

Good seatings with the conventional table-chair option along with the baithaks where you can relax, lay back and chat with friends. The food is definetely one to creave aout this place, with good variety in terms of options and tastes. My personal favorite is the lasagna and I must say its the best that I have ever had. You must definelety visit this place for the lasagna coz its simply scumptuous.

Good staff however they do ignore you on the weekends when there is rush. We did have to wait long just to give the orders and catch hold of our waiter. However once the order is given the food does come in time.

Defineley a place to visit once, however I do recommend this place for hookaah lovers . (not to forget lasagna lovers)
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comfort1327 - Burrp User


February 22,2010

Awful Shisha!!

Few of my friends came down to pune, from hyderabad, a city of nawabs .. n wanted to know the difference, n as Shisha's fame for over 5years .. it had been my personal favrite, but when i last went there was when they served me the hookah which hardly lasted for 10-15 mins.. n when we asked the waiter if a wrong one is served, he refused and said the time is up..
The next day all of us landed up with cold and cough..
But the food part was not bad experience ..
great chillout with pints of beer, Chicken platter.. and finished with the iranian biryani.. n if are a true foodie and can take bland food, this spice-less dish was a wonder !!!
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Pushkar Bhatt - Burrp User

Pushkar Bhatt

February 09,2010

Awesome Place

This is one of the best place in pune.. and best hukkah resto ... Guess wht guys we frnds come specially to this place all the way from pune.. I really like d kind of music dey play... excellent staff dey are polite and service is quick... Very good food and not at all expensive...
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Tusharr  Mehta - Burrp User

Tusharr Mehta

February 07,2010

Good place

The moment u enter to this place u feel like u have entered some arabic country. The sitting is really good. A perfect place to hangout wid frnz. Huka was really nice. The best thing is that the price of everything is not dat high. A perfect to fit in d pocket. Had ordered a mushroom starter vch was amazingly awesome. The service is fast and nice. The only thing that place lags is good music. They play some belly dance music vch is really annoying that is y i gave this place 4 star. I fhtia place gets some gud music then its boom boom for everybody. No complaints for nethng except the music. Cheerz!!!
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charuta19 - Burrp User


January 14,2010

Lovely place!

Amazing ambience!
Just go there to relax, for hukka and to experience the ambience.

One of the most romantic places in Pune!
You go there once and then you'll be a regular there :)

Overall very less menu options but make sure you don't miss paneer tikka and fish fingers !!
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rajat6002 - Burrp User


December 25,2009

bad service

ok it was crowded and i understand that they tell to us to wait to get the couch, but when one, in the space reserved for couple, became free we were asked to sit on this table and the manager would prefere give it to a group of people rather than us(me and my gf) because supposedly we didnt ordered!
though ambience was nice,service and comforts counts a lot too
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farasha_50 - Burrp User


August 25,2009

Great Ambience, Lousy food

If ud like to have a nice, relaxing time in an informal setting with great lounge music, then this is the place to be.....however the food here sucks...the best on the menu i would say is the mixed platter....also the crowd here is Ubicool....
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Siddharth Bhowmik - Burrp User

Siddharth Bhowmik

June 06,2009

Good place to unwind

This is a good place to unwind. Priced moderately. Good crowd too. Cant get too cosy with your loved ones here, the manager comes and warns you to avoid doing so. ( Not by a personal experience ) Not a hooka fan, but the hooka is seriously good. The service is good. Waiters are polite.
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Yash Sinha - Burrp User

Yash Sinha

April 12,2009

Excellent chillout place

Shisha cafe is one of my favorite places to chill out when money is not a driving factor.

The place has a lovely candle-lit ambiance and has a pseudo-natural decor which is actually quite relaxing especially with the jazz music playing in the background. One of the few places where the music is audible without being interfering. I've never been to one of the live band performances, but I've heard that they're a treat to watch.

The main reason to go to Shisha Cafe is, as per the name, to do Shisha. They have a decent range of standard flavors that you can mix and match to come up with your own invigorating blend. The shisha itself is quite beautiful if a tad unwieldy. The flavors are pretty good and the shisha lasts for a long time without 'choking' or burning out.

This is a place for meat lovers though they have a pretty decent vegetarian spread. One complaint I had with the menu was that they haven't clearly mentioned which items contain beef which has led to an awkward situation when I had to quickly and in a gluttonous manner finish off all the beef I'd accidentally ordered before anyone realized that I was making them commit an infringement on their religious protocol. That said, the non-veg platters are extremely tasty.

The staff is pretty friendly, when they actually do come around to serving you. Its not that the place is under-staffed, it is simply so jam-packed every evening that its not easy to entertain all customers simultaneously. I personally prefer sitting on the more lounge-oriented seating rather than the chairs which can be a bit uncomfortable and slightly formal. The curious custom of ringing a triangle to let everyone know when its time for the last order lends more charm to Shisha. All in all, this is a great place to chill out and waste away a few hours.
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Shridhar Deshpande - Burrp User

Shridhar Deshpande

March 10,2009

Amazing ambience..

This saturday I was along with a few friends of mine, whom i had met after a loong time, so we wanted a place where we could sit confortably for a loooong time n have some really good hukka n drinks n food. So i decided to go to shisha so that we could order the hukka n drinks first, then slowly move on to starters coz we were not hungry when we reached, n then dinner much later. We reached early almost by 7.30 but to my surprise, the place was already abuzz... We were looking for a comfortable seat but all the sofa side seats were full. We were escorted to a table, but we were hoping to get one of the comfortable seats. The manager saw the
discomfort on our face, and came to our place to check if something

was wrong, he could figure out our plan, so he got us our sofa side seats in just 10 minutes.So once we settled on our new seats, which we wished were a little bigger coz there were just five of us, and the area could accomodate
only four.Anyhow we ordered our drinks n the hukka. It arrived pretty soon, and by that time the place had started to pour in. The ambience was amazing. the place had this wooden feelin, with thick persian carpets every where. There were a lot of small trees n shrubs around. The only lighting was of candles placed on tables..

which was looking very good. At one end they had this bigg cupboard besides the bar table storing a lot of old style hukkas, i really liked going thruogh each one of them. The overall ambience gave me very summery feeling of the carribean(the food is iranian or persian so i should have got the persian feeling). The music they were playing was going along so very well with the ambience, they were playing some smoothe drums, followed by some saxophone( may be thats y the carribean style). And guess what, the drink i ordered was along with a breezer which was named "Jamaican Passion" ( btw jamaican passion is the best flavour of breezer.. maybe thats the reason why i felt the carribean feel). I had known that this place also played live music,but did not know when :(

The hukka was rather stylish as compared to the other hukkas i have tried in other places(But its needless to say mocha is the best in that business) However the flavour was a little bland. I always love green apple or lime or mint. Sometimes even orange is good, but this one wasent so great. Still the hukka n the drinks made a good combo,
n we were engrossed in our chit-chat. While this was happeing, i saw a small kitten climb onto our neighbours table :P i dont know if it was a part of the ambience, but i liked playing with it( I knw most of you would not like a cat jump onto your table , but its fine with me:P ) By this time the hukka had started to give me some kicks, but it was mild and the feeling was very temperory.

We ordered a few starters, the quantity was very dissappointing, but they tasted very well.

at 10 pm # i noticed a wierd tradition that they follow, one of
their men walked around the whole area ringing a triangular gong.. hehe that was so funny.. i have no idea why he did that.. bt it looked good :P

I did not have an appetite for the main course.. so we skipped it.I would surely get back to this place again..

full marks for the ambience and service..
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S A - Burrp User


February 26,2009

Good ambience, decent food

The ambience is really good. Food was decent but the menu looked more like a menu for non-veg guys. Limited choice for veggies. However, watever veg I had, liked the taste.
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bmabbagu - Burrp User


January 20,2009

for hookah Xperience and meatlovers

tell the auto rock shaw driver - ABC farms and drive through the street of Koregaon park until you reach the bridge that has a fork,keep straight and on the left side is the ABC Farms-a compound area that holds nice restaurants..thats where sheesha is located :)

two floors, wide area, nice and cozy seats to celebrate and be happy with friends

most of the time, we go here for long talks ofcourse with hookah

and for meat lovers..u can find them here :)

caution: if the menu name sounds good-ask for the ingredients to ensure that what u expect is what u get
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John  - Burrp User


February 09,2008

Can I drop by once again?

During my two week stay in Pune, Sisha was a place we went thrice. It was quite obvious. The beer, the food and the hookah. Throw aside your shoes, make yourself comfy for a long night ahead.

Set in the outdoors, a quite place and strangely no annoying mosquitoes. While I can't talk much about the music, they were playing quite some decent tracks.

The only mistake we did though, being the usual noisy bunch, it was but evident that the staff didn't really like us much. Not to forget the time when they literally asked us to . But hey that's Sisha for you. Extremely addictive.

So, can I drop by this place once again?
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