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Uday Kumar Vaddadi - Burrp User

Uday Kumar Vaddadi

January 17,2016


I have been eating at Vaishali since the early 70's. Food used to be excellent, as was the service and ambience. However, the food quality of late is downright lousy. The sambar, which used to be the best in the city, can easily be called the opposite. I have noticed that not one guest is finishing his bowl of sambar. The same goes for the chutney also.
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Shreyans Shah - Burrp User

Shreyans Shah

December 30,2015

Nice food with along time legacy.

It's one of the restaurants remained with same foods and has seen the transforming Punawadi into Pune.
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Ramnik Mota - Burrp User

Ramnik Mota

December 21,2015

Best South Indian Food

Awesome & Tasty South Indian food. A great feast for the taste buds. Should not be missed. Though overpriced & bit crowded at times.
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Ramnik Mota - Burrp User

Ramnik Mota

December 21,2015


Awesome South Indian food in the heart of the city. Stands strong to the recommendations. Do not miss this out.
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Ronak Jain - Burrp User

Ronak Jain

March 20,2015

Best South Indian Food

Once you are done with your waiting and fighting for the seat, sit down, relax and treat your taste buds with one of THE tastiest food.
1. Idli-wada dip
2. Mysore masala Dosa
3. Paper Masala Dosa
4. Upma
5. Madras Filter Coffee
-- with extra green chutney.

Once you are done, go for Mango Lassi!
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bhakti000  - Burrp User


March 07,2014

Best South Indian

Vaishali is the heart of Pune, and will always be. jostling with activity and hungry clientele all through the day. I love their upma for breakfast , the Mysore masala cheese dosa, and the spdp in the evening are must haves. Though everything else , like cheese onion utappa with a dollop of butter is equally amazing . You will never be disappointed. I have been frequenting this joint since I was a kid and will keep coming back always ..
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shradhaaaa - Burrp User


October 03,2013

A Place With Positivity

It was a regular place on my visiting list when I was a student in Pune. Now after years, when I shifted back again to this city, I wanted to go to this place like anything. As I reached, a huge waiting crowd welcomed me(it's like a trademark for this place). We finally got to sit after 20 minutes and ordered the regular south Indian stuff with some fresh fruit shakes.The order was served without any mistake, in minutes.The food was awesome as it used to be, it made me go back to my college days!! The crowd you greet here is a mix of all the tradition and classes. There are old couples, foreigners, youngsters from college, married women groups for their lunch outings, small- big families, techy people with their lappies. Almost all kind. The place is so lively that it leaves you with a lot of positivity other than the tasty tongue.
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manali777 - Burrp User


September 25,2013


Vaishali is my family's absolute favorite eating joint in Pune. My Dad used to go there during his college days too and he says its just as awesome as ever! We frequent it so often, the staff recognizes us, they know what we'll order. So the place feels like home! And where do I even start about the food. Upama with coffee is what I usually have. Its out of the world. Mysore Masala Dosa is another favorite. Even their Chaat is superb!! I have never disliked anything at Vaishali! Very consistent with food quality as well as service. :)
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Sonali Gogate - Burrp User

Sonali Gogate

February 14,2013

Excellent - every time!! :-)

This is a very comforting place - you know what you want and you know you can get it exactly like the last time.
Idli, Medu wada, Dosa, Utappam are always, always good. The only problem with the upama is that it is not available any time other than early in the morning.
And of course SPDP!! They make everything fresh - including the sev they use for the SPDP. Again the only problem with SPDP is that its only available after 5 PM.Apart from the food itself, there is a lot going for this place - it is very clean, even with the kind of crowds they handle. The service is excellent and the ambiance is amazing!!
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manohariakamat - Burrp User


November 20,2012

best south indian food joint in pune

Vaishali is one of the oldest and the best South Indian food joint in pune.The onion uttapa and butter masala dosa is highly recommended.I had been there with my sis who stays karnataka and she loved the food.You will have to wait for a table ..........long wait but its worth it:)............meal for two would cost 400 rupees
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Sahil Bhagat - Burrp User

Sahil Bhagat

March 09,2008

Loved it To The Hilt !

i had heard a lot about vaishali so thought of giving it a shot....even though i went on a moday afternoon i had to wait for a good 15 miutes before i could get a place.
ok so first things first their garden cafe is beautiful and just loved their seating arrangement.second the food is scrumptious....i ordered a mysore masala dosa while my friend ordered an onion uttapam...both awesome and as said before the sambhar was out of this world.third the sweet lassi.never had such a lassi before.fourth and the most important point it is very cheap....i had a very filling meal in 70 bucks !!
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