Celebrity Romantic Gestures

Everyone's curious about celebrities: every little thing they do gets reported and they're constantly in the news, sometimes for their work, but mostly for their play. What they wear (or don't wear) instantly becomes a Hot Trend on Google. While they are always entertaining, the lengths they go to in the name of love is truly amazing; and we're not even talking about tattoos. Here's a list of celebrities that have gone way overboard in expressing their love.


When Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were dating, their public display of affection was the talk of the town. So much so, that the media coined a name just for them, 'Bennifer'. One such display has made it into the archives for the most ludicrous romantic gesture ever. What's Jennifer Lopez most known for? Her butt of course! So Ben, being the evolved man that he is, decided to buy her a toilet seat. A $105,000 gem encrusted one. Aww┬ůthat is so sweet: a special toilet seat for a special lady. Was she sitting on that precious seat when she 'dumped' him (for getting caught with lap dancers in his seat!)? We for one are glad that we don't have to hear the word 'Bennifer' ever again.

2.Angelina Jolie-Billy Bob Thornton

She may be on every man's wish list, but one has to admit her rather unconventional behaviour like making out with her brother and adopting kids to make a mini-United Nations at home. She and Billy Bob Thornton (BBT) strengthened their bond by wearing vials of each other's blood around their necks. If you think that's creepy, then you'll freak out after watching BBT's grizzly, deranged face for an uninterrupted three minutes and fifty-five seconds as he sings 'Angelina'.

3. Nicolas Cage- Patricia Arquette

Their story had all the ingredients of a perfect Hollywood 'reel' romance. They met in 1987 and it was love at first sight for Cage. He announced after only a few hours of meeting Arquette that they would marry. She just laughed, but Cage asked her to set him a task to prove it. Playing along, she wrote out a wish list which included a black orchid (they don't exist), a Tibetan tribal wedding dress and the reclusive writer JD Salinger's autograph. Cage bought a letter that JD Salinger had signed and spray-painted an orchid black before Patricia called off the rest of the treasure hunt. They dated briefly for a while, then split up. Years later, they hooked up again. This time, Arquette proposed, showing up at Cage's house dressed head to toe in black vinyl, carrying a big purple wedding cake. The two wed in 1995. Alas, like most real Hollywood romances, it wasn't to last and they separated after only nine months of marriage.

4. Seal-Heidi Klum

Often counted amongst the most beautiful women in the world, supermodel Heidi Klum has famously said to have fallen for her husband after seeing his 'package'. They met while she was single but pregnant with another man's child. This was in no way a deterrent for Seal who progressed to make her his wife. His proposal was original to say the least. Two days before Christmas, Seal proposed to Klum with a custom built igloo on top of a glacier. The heights people go to when they're in love! Unlike the other couples in our article, Seal and Klum are happily married and in fact renew their vows every year.

So as Valentine's Day comes upon us, do not be disheartened - don't forget that these people are actually better than you - it's a fact. So dry up those tears, lift up your sofa cushions, and scrounge together whatever change you can for that feeble excuse for a gift. It's the thought that counts (for nothing).